Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Family Pictures!!

These wonderful new family photos are courtesy of Ashley Gammill Photography! Thanks again Ash we love them! I am glad we were able to get some good ones even though Bella wasn't sure she wanted to cooperate! (Terrible 2's here we come!) I figured it was time for an updated family photo since Bella is going to be 2 soon and we are still sporting a family picture without her in our living room! (Bad mom!) Give me your input so I can decide which one to blow up to replace the old one! I have a hard time making decisions on my own!If you want to check out more of our photo shoot click here!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crazy Kids!!!

The other night I stopped by my sister Tori's house to get something and we ended up being there a little longer than I thought! Davis found a new toy to entertain him for a while! It is a program Tori has on her computer called photo booth! Davis could have spent all night taking pictures and making videos of himself! He kept saying just one more mom, just one more! I was laughing so hard I think I got my ab work out for the night! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Thanks for making Davis' night Tori!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Here's the happy couple!!

Check these amazing pictures out! This is my baby brother and his beautiful wife to be! These are from the bridal/groomal session! There are many other awesome pictures! Check them out and leave a comment . I am excited for the big day! Less than 2 weeks! Congrats you two!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Seriously!!! It is raining marbles!!

So tonight on my way home from Lewi-town after picking up the kids, I pondered all the many things that I could do when I got home! Maybe finish watching the bachelorette from Monday night, maybe make a bracelet for Bella, maybe exercise, maybe many things! One of those things however was not sucking water out of my basement all night long! I did learn how to use a pump though! Jake was at work and I had no choice but to suck it up (literally!) and do the best I could to take control of the situation! Davis called Jake without me knowing and left the cutest message! He said," Dad could you hurry home? We have a problem, I am sick and it is raining marbles!" I had noticed that it started hailing marble size hail, so I decided to check the basement and found water gushing in through the french doors! The rock retaining wall around the french doors was doing a good job of retaining all the water and hail on the patio! The water had no choice but to come into the house! We had our very own ice freezing cold pool! I wish I could have taken pictures of it then but I was a little busy Freaking Out! It was interesting to say the least! Isabella was crying wanting to be held, Davis was puking!( apparently he wasn't feeling well! ) And my house was flooding! Needless to say we survived with allot of help from many great and selfless neighbors! A BIG THANK YOU to all the terrific neighbors, friends and my dad who came by to help me! Many neighbors were experiencing the same situation, some houses were way worse than mine, so I am grateful! Jake told me later that a few houses the street above us had windows shatter from all the pressure of the water! At least our basement isn't finished yet! Well sorry for the novel it was just an eventful night for me! Thanks again to all who helped save me during this crisis!
This is our basement after most of the water was sucked out and things calmed down!
This is our patio that was acting as a pool! And is now drained thank goodness!
This is a plant covered by the hail!
This is my deck covered in hail! And by the way, isn't it June? What kind of June weather is this?
This is one of the marble sized hail!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Go Boomers!!!

It seems like I am always blogging about Bella so here is one for Davis! His soccer season just ended! It was a great one! This was his 2nd year so he knew more what was going on! The whole team made great improvements! One kid wouldn't even get off his mom's lap the first game and by the end of the season he was out there with the best of them! It is amazing how much growth you can see in kids in such a short time! I love the confidence and courage the kids get through sports! I love watching him play and I am sort of sad it is over but now I guess we can gear up for T-ball! Sorry there are a lot of pictures and you can all be proud because this is my 2nd post in one day! I am on a roll! And get ready there is a lot more to come because my camera is fixed and I have been taking pictures like crazy!

Davis and Braden!

His Coach gave out awards and he got the great hustle and a fearless attitude award! He had a great coach! Thanks Kurt!

Davis in action!

This was supposed to be the silly face picture but it was actually Davis' best smile picture!

Davis, Trey, and Hayden

Davis had a lot of support from family, but unfortunately this is the only picture I got of him with some of his fans! Thanks to all who supported him and cheered him on! He loved having you all there! I think he had the biggest cheering section! What do you expect when you have a big family!

Brinlee, Davis, and Brooklyn

Happy, thirsty, hot, and tired! The end of a great season!

Just for Becca!!

So this post is for my sis in-law Becca! She keeps telling me to post this but what can I say I am a slacker! So one morning I was trying to blog and Jake was in our room watching TV! Davis was watching cartoons and Isabella was creating her own entertainment! Jake started yelling," Traci come here and bring the camera!" This is what I found!

She was quit proud of the mess she had made! You sure can't get
mad at a grin like that! She didn't even think she made a mess!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Got Bedhead? Bella does!

Davis absolutely thinks this is hilarious! We have been talking about posting these pictures forever! I am just the world's slowest blogger! And seeing as how my camera, that is barely a year old is getting fixed for the 3rd or 4th time,( I am starting to lose track!) I don't have any new pictures to post! So these are from awhile ago! Now that Isabella has more hair she wakes up with some major bedhead! One morning Davis and I were laughing about it and she started to cry like she truly understood and her feelings were really hurt! I too wake up with some good hair styles in the morning but I won't be posting any of those pictures! Sorry! I am sure you are all disappointed by that!